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IFG Asota invests EUR 1.3 million in forward-looking fibre production at its Linz facility

opening ceremony at IFG Asota © Business Upper Austria

The company recently invested around EUR 1.3 million in a new R&D plant, thus further upgrading the position of Asota as a development centre for the entire IFG Group.
The new testing facility was designed in cooperation with international biopolymer specialists at the University of Maastricht and sets clear goals in terms of sustainability. In the field of thermoplastic fibres. Asota is a trailblazer in the production of sustainable, biobased products, from which the company hopes to generate decisive competitive advantages.

IFG Asota manufactures up to 31,000 tonnes of staple fibres annually on six production lines at its site in Linz. A results-oriented team of 90 employees ensures ongoing technological advances and new product development in the fibre sector.
IFG Asota has an export ratio of 98%, primarily in Europe. The fibres boast a diverse range of applications. For example, specialty fibres manufactured by Asota are found in carpets, sportswear and car textiles. Niche products such as coverings for tennis courts and fibres for tea bag paper are also developed and manufactured in Linz.

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