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IFG invests EUR 1.3 million in a development centre

IFG Asota © IFG Asota

The new pilot plant will enable IFG Asota to place greater emphasis on sustainability. "In this way we want to develop products which not only fulfil the wishes of customers with regard to performance and costs, but which are ecological, biobased and thus ideally recyclable", explains Wolfgang Hermann, Managing Director of IFG Asota GmbH. "In the field of thermoplastic fibres, Asota and thus the IFG Group is the clear trailblazer when it comes to sustainable, biobased products", Hermann adds.

IFG Asota manufactures up to 31,000 tonnes of staple fibres annually at six production plants located at its site in Linz. About 90 employees are involved in further and new development activities in the fibre sector. The facility produces high-performance fibres, amongst other things, with high strength and elasticity.


Read more here about the sustainable economy in Austria.

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