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Supercomputer VSC-4 in operation: computing power for research

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The "Vienna Scientific Cluster 4" (VSC-4), , exceeds the petaflop threshold for the first time and ranks among the top 100 computers in the world.
The VSC-4, enabling the petaflop barrier to be exceeded in Austria for the first time, manages 2.7 petaflops (one million billion computing calculations per second) and is a joint project of several universities. This means the VSC-4 is currently ranked 93rd among the top 500 of the fastest supercomputers in the world.

On balance, the VSC-4 supercomputer boasts 790 modes, each with two processors which in turn each contain 24 cores, equalling a total of 37,920 processor cores. In order to save energy, the VSC-4 is equipped with a specially designed and efficient water-cooling system.

From the big bang to medicine

Like its predecessors, namely the VSC, VSC-2 and VSC-3 supercomputers, the VSC-4 will be used for a large range of different research areas. It will be deployed for simulations of the past universe shortly after the big bang as well as for bioinformatics and medical simulations. Quantum physics calculations underlying the development of new materials will play just as much of a role as models for the optimal management of public transportation. Supercomputers with an extremely high performance are essential today in many areas of research.

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