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Russian startup Bobsla ventures into the Austrian market and is developing a “miniature snow drifter” for brave winter tourists

Man on the Bobsla-vehicle in the snow. © Bobsla

The concept was developed by Bobsla GmbH, a startup founded by Austrian and Russian engineers under the leadership of founder and CEO Sergey Ignatyev.

In the year 2018, he quit his corporate job in order to devote his full attention to the startup, and also moved from Moscow to Tyrol. "This is because Austria is a very startup-friendly country, and Innsbruck is the place to be for winter sport innovations", Mr. Ignatyev says. With the help of the Austrian Business Agency and Tyrolean regional business promotion agency Standortagentur Tirol, a way was found to enable Sergey Ignatyev to establish his own startup in Austria.

I would never have managed this alone. But ABA was helpful in providing advice and support. Together with Standortagentur Tirol, we ultimately succeeded in introducing Bobsla to the Austrian market.

Sergey Ignatyev, CEO


With a help of Mag. Peter Buchberger, Transferstelle Wissenschaft-Wirtschaft-Gesellschaft, Universität Innsbruck (you can transfer into shorter of course), Bobsla steering has been applied for worldwide patent at Austrian Patentamt.
"There are a lot of applications Bobsla steering can be useful in – Bobsla will be the product known worldwide" – says Sergey.

Now, with a little private funding, the firm focused on entering a niche market i.e. winter sports entertainment comparable to an outdoor go-cart and which is electrically powered, thus without engine noise and local greenhouse gas emissions.
Presented on Prowinter 2019 in Bolzano, Bobsla got the Audience Award. The jury of ISPO, the largest sport fair in Europe, has chosen Bobsla as "Selection 2020" in category Slopes and Parks.

Furthermore, the company has already tested a summer version of the Bobsla. "The tests showed users really had a lot of fun with the vehicle. We hope to be able to make the first deliveries in the coming summer season", Mr. Ignatyev concludes.

Read more about the startup hotspot Austria.

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