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Google prize for Tyrolean quantum physicist

Quantum physicist Wolfgang Lechner © University of Innsbruck

The award, endowed to the amount of about USD 80,000, is given by the Internet company Google and is designed to promote innovative research for the development of new technologies. Last year, Lechner founded a spin-off company to commercially realize his developments in the field of quantum optimisation.

Wolfgang Lechner's research at the Institute for Theoretical Physics at the University of Innsbruck aims to develop the theoretical foundations for quantum computers which can solve optimisation problems in a particularly efficient manner. Questions of optimisation are also omnipresent in science. They range from developments in chemistry and materials science to logistical and financial issues.

Spin-off company founded
Together with Magdalena Hauser, Wolfgang Lechner set up the spin-off company ParityQC GmbH in Innsbruck, aiming to establish the global standard for quantum optimisation.

In this regard, learn more about Research and Development in Austria.

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