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Austria will serve as the European headquarters of MSE Group, Medvision

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The MSE Group, Medvision has developed an ultrafast, highly safe COVID-19 test in cooperation with the IT service provider Artichoke Med. It is already being deployed in France and now in Austria as well. The major advantage of this test is that the mobile testing stations enable the tested individuals to promptly leave again with reliable results after their test samples are analysed in the Artichocke Med test containers. The test consists of two mobile suitcases.

MSE Group, Medvision is dedicated to the development and application of simulations in education, training, research and quality management, with the goal of promoting safety and quality in health care. The use of medical simulations for education, training and professional development purposes enables the training of everyday routines and emergency situations. The product portfolio ranges from simulations on patients or minimally invasive surgery to diagnostic simulations or simulation training. Together with the firm compact electric GmbH, the simulations are produced and delivered in Vienna. "MSE Group, Medvision selected Austria as a business location because we rely on the important role of the country as a business interface. We coordinate our activities in Europe from Austria", says Peter Flor, Sales Director DACH at MSE Group, Medvision. The MSE Group, Medvision was advised by ABA – Invest in Austria when setting up its Austrian headquarters.

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Vienna’s unique location at the heart of Europe makes it an important centre and very popular with the global pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. Vienna is where Eastern Europe meets Western Europe. Businesses located at this international hub benefit from well-established infrastructures and highly-qualified professionals. The significant growth in the Life Sciences sector in Vienna over the last few years is an indicator of the momentum in the industry.

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