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Ares Genetics wins the Austrian Digitization Award

CEO Andreas E. Posch of Ares Genetics accepts the Austrian Digitization Award © BNDW/Hartberger

The company Ares Genetics based in Vienna developed a solution - the " - Genetic antibiotic resistance detection by means of artificial intelligence" - for which it was given the Austrian Digitization Award in the category "Digital Products and Solutions". The use of the Ares Genetics database reduces time and costs in developing antibiotics. At the same time, doctors can make use of medicines in a targeted manner.
The Viennese AI healthtech startup Ares Genetics, a spinoff of the German Curetis Group, was founded in 2017 and operates with a global network of partners. Its main areas of research are new types of approaches designed to improve the quick verification of antibiotic resistance on the part of patients with microbial infections as well as instruments to accelerate antibiotic research on the basis of the GEnetic Antibiotic Resistance and Susceptibility Database (GEAR). At present the company is working together with the Chinese BGI Group to develop a next generation PCR-based coronavirus (2019-nCoV) test for Europe.

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