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Vienna University of Technology and VOLARE jointly reduce aircraft noise

Apeleon plane over hills © VOLARE

The technology startup VOLARE is working on a small, environmentally compatible airplane for medium-haul routes, featuring its brand APELEON. The aircraft is designed to combine the advantages of an aircraft with those of a helicopter. Electric drive systems and modern energy storage solutions such as batteries or fuel cells will ensure eco-friendly mobility.

The Vienna University of Technology examined the acoustics of the engines and succeeded in reducing the level of aircraft noise. Even electrically powered engines generate strong air currents which in turn lead to turbulence and mechanical vibrations and thus to aircraft noise. "The company VOLARE made an engine prototype available to us, which we were able to examine in our specially equipped acoustics laboratory", said aeroacoustics expert Stefan Schoder of the Institute of Mechanics and Mechatronics at the Vienna University of Technology. "An array of several microphones enabled us to determine which parts of the engine were responsible for generating noise. Acoustic resonances arise at certain speed ranges and quite a lot of acoustic energy is emitted", he added. For this reason, Stefan Schoder and his team worked together with VOLARE on a design to facilitate sound absorption which was installed in the engine. And in fact, the volume of noise could be perceptibly reduced. Other optimisation steps to reduce noise are already being planned.

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