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Travelling to Austria during the pandemic

Who is allowed to enter Austria?

All individuals are required to register online before entering Austria (”Pre-Travel-Clearance“). This applies to people from all countries, as well as to Austrians.

Austrians may enter Austria from all other countries. However, they will have to go into quarantine in most cases. The quarantine can first be prematurely terminated after five days on the basis of a negative PCR or antigen test. The day of entrance is day zero, not day one. This rule also applies to nationals of EU member states as well as citizens of Andorra, Monaco, San Marino, the Vatican and Switzerland. People who legally reside in these countries but are not nationals of these countries may also enter Austria in accordance with the same rules.

Moreover, there are specified groups of people for whom exceptional rules apply with respect to entering Austria.  


Entry for professional purposes

What is meant by "professional purposes"?

There are exceptions to the rules relating to entry bans or quarantine regulations for individuals who enter Austria for business/professional purposes (depending upon which country the person enters Austria from). These exemptions for instance include caregivers or nurses providing 24-hour care. However, everything considered to fall under the category of “professional purposes” is not explicitly regulated. Entering Austria for the purpose of a personal job interview may be considered as being for professional purposes if the meeting is absolutely necessary. You will always have to show in a credible manner that your entering Austria is for professional purposes, for example on the basis of a business letter from a company.


Are you allowed to stay in a hotel?

Staying overnight in tourist accommodations (e.g., hotels) is only permitted for urgent, non-delayable reasons. You are not allowed to stay in a hotel overnight if you want to take a vacation in Austria, for example after your business trip.


Are you allowed to take your family with you?

Entering Austria for professional reasons is only intended in exceptional cases. For this reason, you are generally not allowed to take your family with you when entering Austria for professional reasons.


What applies to people who enter Austria for professional purposes from EU/EEA member states (except for Greece, Finland, Iceland; please refer to the next question for more information) as well as from Switzerland, Andorra, Monaco or San Marino?

Whoever enters Austria from one of these countries for professional reasons is exempt from the quarantine obligation. The pre-requisite is a medically confirmed negative PCR or antigen test. The medical certificate must fulfil specified formal requirements. The PCR or antigen test should not be older than 72 hours at the moment of entry in Austria. If you do not have a medical certificate, you will need to immediately go into quarantine for ten days after entering the country.


What entry conditions apply when you enter Austria from Australia, Finland, Greece, Iceland, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore, South Korea or the Vatican?

In this case, you can enter Austria without any restrictions, regardless of whether it is for professional purposes or some other reason. You must have been only in Austria or one of the above-mentioned countries for the last ten days so that this exception applies to you. You have to be able to prove that this was the case. After entering Austria, you will not need to go into quarantine or take a PCR or antigen test.

Based on information provided by the Austrian Ministry of Health, this also applies to flights from those countries that do not entail a direct connection to Austria, i.e., transit flights. One may only spend time at the transit airport area that is necessary for the transit itself.

What entry conditions apply when you travel to Austria from another country?

If you do not enter Austria from any of the above-mentioned countries, you are permitted to enter the country for professional purposes, but you will be required to go into quarantine after entry. In principle, it is forbidden to travel to Austria from these countries, and only permissible in exceptional cases. When entering Austria, you must present a medical certificate together with test results or else you have to take a PCR or antigen test within 24 hours after entering Austria. In any case, you will have to remain in quarantine for five days even if the tests results are negative. You can only prematurely terminate the quarantine starting on the fifth day on the basis of a negative PCR or antigen test. The day of entrance is day zero, not day one.


What does the landing ban mean for you?

A landing ban for passenger flights departing directly from the United Kingdom, South Africa and Brazil has been in effect since 22 December 2020, currently until 21 February 2021. Exceptions do exist, for example for flights to transport caregivers/nursing staff and health care workers.
(Status 8 February 2021)

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