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René Tritscher, Managing Director ABA © ABA

Q: Mr. Tritscher, thanks to your professional background you certainly have a precise understanding of the needs of companies. What are the most important tasks of the business location agency in the future?
A: As a business location agency, our objective is to actively attract foreign firms to Austria and thus expand and strengthen the competitiveness of the country as a business and work location. Discussions with foreign investors in the last year have shown that a decisive factor in setting up operations is the availability of the required skilled employees in the business location. The expansion and intertwining of our services provided by INVEST in AUSTRIA and WORK in AUSTRIA enables us to further strengthen our role as a one-stop-shop for international companies.

Q: How do INVEST in AUSTRIA and WORK in AUSTRIA cooperate, and how do foreign investors benefit from the activities of WORK in AUSTRIA?
A: As a one-stop-shop, we offer customised solutions for international companies at no cost and consult and support them with our expertise and network on all issues relating to the business location, setting up operations in Austria and searching for skilled workers. We are not a public authority but work closely together with them on several business location projects, for example on labour costs, visas and residence permits. The fact that Austria is a leader in the field of e-government facilitates our work enormously.

Q: What does the realignment of ABA specially mean for your work and the services provided by ABA?
A: The coronavirus crisis very clearly showed the vulnerability of national economies and has led countries to attach greater importance to reducing their dependence on international production facilities and safeguarding supply chains. For this reason, we want to focus less on figures and more on long-term value creation. In the future, ABA will targetedly appeal to international companies in the fields of digitalisation, medical technology and life sciences based on a more pronounced quality-oriented realignment of its activities. In turn, this will provide added value to Austria as a business location and help secure its supply reliability, thus creating high-quality jobs. However, the strategic realignment not only impacts our activities on the outside but also within the company. We are strengthening our internal communications as well as the communication and cooperation with our stakeholders and partners.

Q: How are your employees dealing with the changes and how would you describe the prevailing mood in the team?
A: One business location factor in which Austria is traditionally ranked among the very best is the outstanding level of employee motivation. This also applies 100 percent to the ABA staff! I repeatedly felt this underlying motivation during the change process. I have already known many employees for a long time and also had many touch points with the different areas of ABA in the past. The entire team is bonding even more on the basis of the close intertwining and expansion of our services, and I look forward to jointly tackling the exciting challenges that await us.

Q: You have assumed a broad range of duties in your new position as the Managing Director of ABA. Is there still enough time for a private life?
A: A healthy work-life balance is extremely important to me. I enjoy taking time for my family and friends as well as trips we take together in Vienna and in the federal province of Styria where I was born. My favourite hobby of playing football not only serves as fitness training but also enables me to recharge batteries for the professional tasks that lie ahead.

Read the press release here on this topic.

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Located in the heart of Europe, Austria offers an optimal base for our internationally orientated business. The great funding options as well as the support of institutions such as ABA – Invest in Austria and the Vienna Business Agency have turned out to be real USPs for the business location Austria. More and more skilled workers are drawn to Austria, because of it’s high living standard. This has helped us tremendously finding highly qualified employees for our company. We feel right at home within the steadily growing international ecosystem and easily built a network with local parties. One can feel the spirit and the will to grow into a bigger startup hub like Germany or Sweden. We hope, that by sharing our positive experiences, we can help attract more global talent to come to Austria.


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