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AVL and MSC Software cooperate in the field of automated driving

AVL testing vehicle for driver assistance systems © MSC Software

The Austrian company AVL List, the world's large independent company for the development and testing of powertrains, and MSC Software, part of the American Hexagon group, entered into a partnership in 2019 for simulation and testing in the field of automated driving. With the help of scenario-based development and validation methods, highly automated vehicle systems at an SAE Level 4 and 5 will be simulated and tested. "We came to the conclusion that a collaboration of our two firms creates additional value to our customers in the field of testing and validation of automated driving, driver assistance systems and active safety systems", says Kai Voigt, Managing Director of AVL Instrumentation, Software and Technology.

AVL and MSC Software already worked together on various EU projects in the past. "As part of this ongoing collaboration, AVL's toolchains will interface with the VIRES VTD and MSC's Adams product lines, and our toolchains will interface with AVL's Model.CONNECT product", states Paolo Guglielmini, CEO of MSC Software. With Vires Virtual Test Drive (VTD), virtual environments for simulations of autonomous driving and driver assistance systems can be created, configured, presented and evaluated.

AVL driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving (AD)

Far-reaching Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) at the Levels 0 to 2 have already been introduced in the automobile industry. They encompass functions such as lane keeping, braking assistance, adaptive cruise control and parking assistance. The transition from assisted driving (ADAS) to fully automated driving (AD) is already on the horizon. For this purpose, OEMS have to prepare for AD at Level 3 and beyond. The Austrian company AVL is the world's largest independent company for the development and testing of powerchains and is a reliable partner for OEMS aiming to integrate these features. With its comprehensive expertise in the fields of engineering, simulation and the testing toolchain, the offering is tailored to the specific needs of the OEMs.

AVL provides solutions in all areas, from system design, calibration and validation services, customised software and control development to tools and methods for development and testing. AVL supports companies in the implementation of its ADAS and AD visions.

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