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News from the business location Austria

Austria tops in wellbeing

The feeling of wellbeing on the part of the Austrian population has increased in spite of the coronavirus pandemic.

Fighting the pandemic with artificial intelligence

In searching for therapies against the coronavirus, the Graz-based bioinformatics company Innophore has specialised in digital drug development and the search for enzymes with the help of artificial intelligence.

Austria remains an extremely attractive location for foreign investors

In spite of the coronavirus pandemic, the number of foreign direct investments in Austria increased in the previous year.

"There’s just no room for nostalgia or clinging to the way things have been."

Chris Messina (Product developer for Google & Uber and the inventor of the hashtag) on the culture of failure, Silicon Valley and why "that's how it has always been done" might be a dangerous mindset. Interview by Marianna Bonechi (ABA Consultant San Francisco).

Austrians as finalists in the biggest programme searching for drugs against COVID-19

The “JEDI Billion Molecules against Covid19 GrandChallenge” of the European Union was launched shortly after the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.

Digital inclusion at Jamba

The education and careers of people with disabilities is the objective of the work carried out by Jamba Career for all.

International top ranking for Austrian universities

According to the University of Vienna and the University of Veterinary Medicine in Vienna (Vetmeduni Vienna) are among the top universities in the world according to the Shanghai Ranking, which compares more than 4,000 universities in 54 disciplines.

Koch Media Group expands its logistics capacities

The internationally operating entertainment software specialist Koch Media is investing € 15.5 million in a new, fully automated logistics hall in Tyrol.

SAN Group invests € 40 million in research centre

The SAN Group will build a development and research centre for veterinary vaccines and biotechnical plant protection in Lower Austria at a cost of € 40 million.

Initiative against the shortage of skilled workers

The search for qualified, skilled employees for the economy is a major issue in many countries.

SARS-CoV2 vaccination: Thrombosis can be prevented by prompt treatment

A rare syndrome has been observed in people following their vaccinations against Covid-19.

Record for startup investments in Austria

In spite of the coronavirus crisis, 2020 turned out to be a record year for startups with respect to investments.

Patent record for Austria

Austria was once again among the top nations with respect to patent applications, also in 2020, the year of the coronavirus. In the global ranking, Austria placed 11th in relation to its population, and maintained its 6th place ranking in the EU.

Sandoz invests € 150 million in its antibiotic production in Tyrol

The global pharmaceutical company Novartis and its generics division Sandoz will upgrade their production network for the manufacturing of antibiotics in Europe over the next three to five years.

Promising research alliance of the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna

A research project of the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna (Vetmeduni Vienna) whose goal is to develop new active pharmaceutical ingredients in the fight against cancer, is now being funded by the cooperation partner KHAN Technology Transfer Fund I GmbH & Co KG (KHAN-I) and its subsidiary wings4innovation GmbH (w4i).

Founders award announced

This year the Austrian Founders Award PHOENIX (PHÖNIX) will once again be offered this year.

Identify accessible areas with AI

The Austrian firm Tec-Innovation has developed an intelligent shoe designed to detect obstacles.

New location for precision medicine

Austria will get a state-of-the-art Institute for Precision Medicine.

IT breeding ground for Porsche Informatik

The company Porsche Informatik (Porsche Informatics) opened a new lab at Softwarepark Hagenberg in March 2021.

Norske Skog: Large-scale investment in Austria

The Norwegian paper manufacturer Norske Skog will invest € 100 million in renovations and new buildings at its Austrian facility in Bruck an der Mur, Styria.

Italian flair for Viennese private kitchens

Elena M. Dietz and her partner Giuseppe Di Franca have worked in top international gastronomy for many years and have traveled around the world working.

Use vibrational energy

Our everyday environment is filled with invisible sensors, for example in information technology but also “hidden” in the bodywork of our vehicles, in the floors of our homes or in wind turbines.

Wels is Austria’s first smart sustainable city

Wels has become the first Austrian city in the world to rank among the so-called Smart Sustainable Cities.

Broadband offensive for Austria

Austria is investing € 1.4 billion to expand its digital infrastructure.

Intelligent artificial telephone operator

An Austrian startup is off to a flying start with artificial intelligence.

The knowledge region of Vienna stands out in international comparison

Vienna is given a first-class rating in the ranking of European knowledge regions.

Business location radar: Research promotion is a clear competitive advantage

In the latest annual Deloitte Radar on the Austrian business location, the country is given the highest marks by the executives interviewed, especially with respect to research funding.

Medical University of Vienna and Vienna General Hospital: Expertise for lung transplants in cases of COVID-19

In May 2020, a team led by thoracic surgeon Konrad Hoetzenecker of the Department of Surgery of the Medical University of Vienna (MedUni Vienna) and Vienna General Hospital performed a lung transplant on a 44-year-old patient who had been seriously ill with COVID-19, making her the first patient in Europe to receive a lung transplant for this indication.

Virtual experience of “House of Digitalisation”

The “House of Digitalisation” will be completed in Tulln, Lower Austria by the year 2023.

From Switzerland to Upper Austria

Two companies within the Ebner Group are bundling their competencies in a state-of-the-art casting centre in Ranshofen, namely the Casthouse (R)Evolution Center (CRC).

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