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Log4Real Starts €135 million Vienna Airport Industrial Logistics Campus

German industrial and logistics real estate developer Log4Real has started construction of a 170,000 m² logistics campus on a 30-hectare site close to Vienna Airport for an estimated total investment of €135 million.

RCPE further expands its international network

The Graz-based K1 competence center Research Center Pharmaceutical Engineering GmbH (RCPE) and Process Systems Enterprise (PSE) from London will jointly launch a Centre of Excellence (CoE) which aims to offer a unique combination of model-based technologies and services to pharmaceutical and equipment manufacturers.

Viennese startup incubator Io2 HUB intensifies cooperation with China

The Viennese incubator Io2 HUB focuses on startups in the fields of IoT (Internet of Things) and smart technology. Recently Io2 HUB concluded a cooperation agreement with a Chinese industrial park in Jieyang.

Austria submits more patent applications – ranked 7th in Europe

Austrian companies were among the most diligent researchers in 2016, according to the latest statistics of the European Patent Agency (EPA).

Final Call: MIT EUROPE Conference 2017

In just a short time, prominent representatives of sciences and top-notch researchers of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) will gather together in Vienna. AUSSENWIRTSCHAFT AUSTRIA, the foreign trade office of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, is hosting the international technology conference on the premises of the Federal Economic Chamber from March 29-30, 2017.

8th Grow East Congress: “CEE Reloaded: Lessons learned from nearly 30 years of transition”

The 8th Grow East Congress gives a forum to policy makers, entrepreneurs and executives active in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. The Congress offers you the possibility to meet influential people who have been shaping the economies of CEE and learn about their views of the region for the years to come: What are the lessons from nearly 30 years of transition in CEE? How will the region develop in the next years?

New IMP building: International research center opens in Vienna

Boehringer Ingelheim has constructed a new flagship for the “Vienna Biocenter”. Two hundred scientists from almost 40 countries will continue their groundbreaking research

LUKOIL Lubricants: New premium motor oil for Mercedes Benz

Product innovations are at the top of the agenda at LUKOIL Lubricants. The Th lubricant manufacturer based in Vienna has launched a new motor oil on the marketplace as its latest achievement. This special motor oil was developed for the latest engine generation integrated into Mercedes Benz vehicles.

Strengthen SMEs: Labs provide support for technological innovation

Together with five partners from Italy and Austria, Salzburg Research won the Interreg projects Labs.4.SMEs. The objective of the project is to strengthen the cooperation of small and medium-sized firms (SMEs) with labs (e.g. fablabs, digital labs) in order to promote technological innovation.

OGK Zäune launches production in Carinthia

The Slovenian fence manufacturer OGK Zäune invested EUR 1.5 million to build a production hall including an adjacent warehouse, sales and display space.

Mitterlehner/Mahrer: Red-White-Red Card to be made more attractive – launch of a new startup visa

Decision of the Council of Ministers: reduce obstacles for international startups – advantages for university graduates: keep well-integrated professionals in the country instead of educating them at a high cost.

New record achieved in terahertz pulse generation

A group of scientists from TU Wien and ETH Zurich have succeeded in their attempts to generate ultrashort terahertz light pulses. With lengths of just a few picoseconds (one trillionth of a second), these pulses are ideally suited to spectroscopic applications and enable extremely precise frequency measurements to be taken.

Linz: First ever 3D plastic film

Scientists at the Johannes Kepler University Linz are working on ground-breaking research to boost the usability of the 3D scanners and cameras we use every day. Researchers at the Institute for Computer Graphics have developed a new, transparent plastic film sensor that is 0.3 millimeters in size. The film is flexible and can take on any shape and size, making it easier to use on a daily basis.

The Upper Austrian startup GENSPEED® Biotech develops a rapid test system for hospital bacteria and periodontal pathogens

GENSPEED® can be used for both nucleic acid-based, i.e. genetic tests, as well as for protein-based tests. For example, certain bacteria or viruses can be identified quickly or the concentration of various biomarkers in blood or in other sample materials can be determined.

weXelerate: Vienna gets 8,000 m² startup center

With weXelerate, the world’s largest startup hub will be created in the heart of Vienna. Starting in the summer of 2017, the first four floors of the Design Tower will house several hundred startups along with large companies, incubators, venture partners, service and distribution partners, investors and service providers who will be working on new digital business models.

Team of researchers uncovers mechanism to store electrical energy

The efficient and quick storage of electrical energy plays a decisive role in a sustainable energy supply based on green technologies.

Tricentis raises fresh capital

Tricentis raises fresh capital
The Viennese company Tricentis specializing in automated software tests, which is also represented in Silicon Valley, has received financial support to the amount of EUR 165 million (EUR 154 million) from the private equity and venture capital company “Insight Venture Partners.”

Austrian Government’s New Package of Measures Provides Fresh Impetus for Austria as a Business Location

On the basis of the new package of measures, the Austrian Federal Government plans to increase the research premium to 14%, introduce an employment bonus to reduce auxiliary wage costs and implement further measures designed to strengthen the business location. This is a short overview of the most important actions:

Carinthia further expands microelectronics research center in Villach

Carinthian Tech Research (CTR) is investing EUR 4.5 million in a clean room for conducting research in the fields of microsensors and system integration. The federal state of Carinthia is supporting high-tech investments in the Villach business location.

Austrian Government’s New Package of Measures Provides Fresh Impetus for Austria as a Business Location

On the basis of the new package of measures, the Austrian Federal Government plans to increase the research premium to 14%, introduce an employment bonus to reduce auxiliary wage costs and implement further measures designed to strengthen the business location. This is a short overview of the most important actions:

Weekly Tip 15 #LocationAustria: Take advantage of the Red-White-Red Card for key employees

If you plan to hire employees from countries outside of the European Union or EEA (third country nationals) within the context of your expansion to Austria, inform yourself early enough about the possibility of obtaining the Red-White-Red Card.

The future of record albums will come from Austria

Sales of record albums experienced a decline for many years. But for some time now, records have become trendy again under the name "vinyl".

The Medical University of Innsbruck gets two new Christian Doppler laboratories

The Christian Doppler Forschungsgesellschaft (CDG) has opened two new Christian Doppler research laboratories at the Medical University of Innsbruck.

Talent Garden: Vienna is getting a 5,000 m² Startup Campus.

Headquartered in Brescia, Talent Garden already has 18 locations in six countries across Europe, making it Europe's largest coworking network. In six months, the new Startup Campus will offer (working) space to 500 people in Vienna.

Weekly Tip 14# LocationAustria: Ensure timely planning when hiring foreign employees

If you plan to hire foreign employees when expanding to Austria, inform yourself early enough about the specific pre-requisites for individual countries and consider the "Employment of Foreign Nationals Act".

EUR 100 million startup funding launched

Ancillary wage costs for the first three employees will be subsidized to the amount of EUR 100 million starting with the beginning of 2017. This initiative is designed to relieve the burden on innovative startups, especially in the difficult startup phase.

How to inflate a concrete shell weighing 80 tons

Concrete shells for domed buildings are normally cumbersome and time-consuming as well as expensive. The Vienna University of Technology has developed a potentially cost-effective and resource-efficient alternative with a construction method it calls the "Pneumatic Forming of Hardened Concrete (PFHC)".

Graz-based startup develops world’s smallest defibrillator

The Graz-based startup liimtec was launched to make the world’s smallest defibrillator. In spite of suitable first aid measures such as heart massage and artificial respiration, the successful rescue of the people affected frequently fails to the lack of defibrillators which can end the resulting cardiac arrhythmias by means of an electric shock.

EUR 12 million investment in loudspeaker startup USound in Graz

A startup investment of this size has not taken place in Austria for a long time. EUR 12 million was invested in the Graz-based semiconductor specialist USound, which developed the smallest loudspeaker in the world.

More Than 300 Business Location Projects in Austria for the First Time

Growing attractiveness of the business location: Investment promotion consultancy ABA – Invest in Austria generates record results in 2016, supporting 319 international firms in setting up business operations in Austria – Higher volume of investments and new jobs

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