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News from the business location Austria

Russian startup Bobsla ventures into the Austrian market and is developing a “miniature snow drifter” for brave winter tourists

In addition to conventional skiing and snowboarding, tourists in the Ötztal Valley in Austria can also spend their time enjoying a further attraction. Bobsla is a vehicle which looks like a fusion of a snow plough and a go-cart. It is steered by its guests and operated on snow surfaces.

Turbocharger for the business location

The new Austrian Federal Government is committed to strengthening the economy, as shown in its programme, and has incorporated numerous measures to enhance the viability of Austria as a business location.

Austria is ranked third in the EU with respect to material prosperity

Austria is ranked third in the EU with respect to material prosperity, surpassed only by Luxembourg and Germany.

Test region ALP.Lab: Two successful years for automated driving

Since ALP.Lab was founded in September 2017, this testing region for automated driving has emerged as an internationally sought-after partner for the automobile and mobility industries.

Medicus AI: Millions in Chinese venture capital investments for a Viennese medtech company

The Viennese medtech startup Medicus AI had already concluded a Series A financing round for EUR 5 million this year.

Upper Austria: top international region for medical engineering

Underlying the complex term “Medical EDUcation in Surgical Aneurysm clipping” is the potential of the Federal State of Upper Austria to catapult itself into the global elite when it comes to medical engineering, research, education and innovation.

"Nature" on Austrian quantum research

Austrian scientists have demonstrated experimental proof of a physical effect already predicted a decade ago.

Boxmark secures new major contract orders

The globally operating automobile component supplier and interior specialist Boxmark is pleased to have won contract orders in the three-digit million euro range over a period of seven years.

Tax Relief, Less Bureaucracy and Resolute Promotion

The Austrian Green Party agreed on the new government's policy program in its coalition with the Austrian People's Party. Here are the most important points of relevance to your company.

Supercomputer VSC-4 in operation: computing power for research

Austria’s most powerful computer is now in operation and is being used for scientific purposes.

New approach discovered to prevent multidrug resistance

Multiple resistances (MDR =MultiDrug Resistance) against anticancer medicines or antibiotics are serious medical complications which undermine or even thwart the efficient treatment of cancer or infections.

A remote control for everything small

Atoms, molecules or even living cells can be manipulated with light beams. A method was developed at the Vienna University of Technology to revolutionise such "optical tweezers".

From a startup to an international champion

TETAN has established itself as an innovative mechanical engineering company in a particular market niche and is certainly no longer considered to be an insider tip when it comes to straightening metallic long products.

Spaces conquers Vienna

In the recently completed Square One office building, the new Spaces location offers sufficient room for inspiration, productivity and innovation on an area covering about 7,400 square metres.

Peak Technology develops satellite tanks for the ESA

The Austrian lightweight construction specialist develops tanks for the latest generation of satellites. Several thousand of them are needed to implement a worldwide 5G network.

Vom Startup zum internationalen Champion

TETAN hat sich als innovativer Maschinenbauer in einer Marktnische etabliert und ist sicher kein Geheimtipp mehr, wenn es um das Thema Richten von metallischen Langprodukten geht.

Austria ranks # 8 for English proficiency, Vienna on 6th place

More than a billion people speak English as a first or second language, and hundreds of millions more as a third or fourth.

Bitmovin: Up to EUR 20 million EIB loan for Carinthian start-up

As the European Investment Bank (EIB) announced, it will fund the Carinthian video streaming start-up Bitmovin with a loan of up to EUR 20 million. The money is primarily designed for research and development work.

New type of material generates electrical current very efficiently from temperature differences

Thermoelectric materials can convert heat into electrical energy.

Austrians among the European leaders in online banking

58 percent of the people in Austria use digital banking services, 34 percent conduct their financial transactions both online and at the branch office of their banks and only eight percent completely do without digital services

ABF Pharmaceutical Services opens new “Brexit-proof“ facility in Vienna

ABF is the only international full-service provider for the import, export and production of investigational medicinal products (IMPs) in Austria.

ImageBiopsy Lab: First Medicinal Product Clearance in the USA

At the beginning of November 2019, the first algorithm based on artificial intelligence (AI) developed in Austria for application in the field of radiology was given FDA clearance in the USA as a medicinal product.

Central European University launches EMBA for the Open World

With the opening of its Vienna campus, CEU is launching a thoroughly redesigned Executive MBA.

Unexpected role of mTORC2 protein in colorectal cancer

New results from researchers at the Centre for Pathobiochemistry and Genetics at the Medical University of Vienna show that a protein called mTORC2, which is the target of newly developed cancer drugs, is not even active in colorectal cancer.

New Ressel Centre supports companies in optimising logistics networks

In cooperation with the BMW Group and HOFER KG, the new Josef Ressel Centre at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria Campus Steyr will carry out research until the end of 2023 on developing a monitoring tool to achieve close to real-time visualisation of value networks.

RUAG Space and TTTech partner to provide electronics NASA Lunar Gateway

Space supplier RUAG Space and high-tech company TTTech are offering high-performance data exchange electronics for Lunar Gateway modules – in time for the ARTEMIS Mission challenge in 2024.

Lukoil: Sustainability strategy as an overall concept

At LUKOIL Lubricants Europe GmbH in Vienna, climate protection and sustainability are top priorities - ship moorings and green electricity were just the beginning.

High-quality LED module “Made in Austria“

BILTON International is the specialist for high-quality and long-lasting LED lighting solutions. The company was established in Saalfelden in the federal province of Salzburg in 2009.

FAIRTIQ: Swiss startup continues its successful expansion in Austria

The Swiss startup FAIRTIQ enables the simple use of public transportation based on an innovative App without the need to have to worry about a ticket.

IFG Asota invests EUR 1.3 million in forward-looking fibre production at its Linz facility

The international fibre manufacturer International Fibres Group (IFG) is increasingly relying on its Asota facility in Linz.

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