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Carinthia further expands microelectronics research center in Villach

Carinthian Tech Research (CTR) is investing EUR 4.5 million in a clean room for conducting research in the fields of microsensors and system integration. The federal state of Carinthia is supporting high-tech investments in the Villach business location.

Austrian Government’s New Package of Measures Provides Fresh Impetus for Austria as a Business Location

On the basis of the new package of measures, the Austrian Federal Government plans to increase the research premium to 14%, introduce an employment bonus to reduce auxiliary wage costs and implement further measures designed to strengthen the business location. This is a short overview of the most important actions:

Weekly Tip 15 #LocationAustria: Take advantage of the Red-White-Red Card for key employees

If you plan to hire employees from countries outside of the European Union or EEA (third country nationals) within the context of your expansion to Austria, inform yourself early enough about the possibility of obtaining the Red-White-Red Card.

The future of record albums will come from Austria

Sales of record albums experienced a decline for many years. But for some time now, records have become trendy again under the name "vinyl".

The Medical University of Innsbruck gets two new Christian Doppler laboratories

The Christian Doppler Forschungsgesellschaft (CDG) has opened two new Christian Doppler research laboratories at the Medical University of Innsbruck.

Talent Garden: Vienna is getting a 5,000 m² Startup Campus.

Headquartered in Brescia, Talent Garden already has 18 locations in six countries across Europe, making it Europe's largest coworking network. In six months, the new Startup Campus will offer (working) space to 500 people in Vienna.

Weekly Tip 14# LocationAustria: Ensure timely planning when hiring foreign employees

If you plan to hire foreign employees when expanding to Austria, inform yourself early enough about the specific pre-requisites for individual countries and consider the "Employment of Foreign Nationals Act".

EUR 100 million startup funding launched

Ancillary wage costs for the first three employees will be subsidized to the amount of EUR 100 million starting with the beginning of 2017. This initiative is designed to relieve the burden on innovative startups, especially in the difficult startup phase.

How to inflate a concrete shell weighing 80 tons

Concrete shells for domed buildings are normally cumbersome and time-consuming as well as expensive. The Vienna University of Technology has developed a potentially cost-effective and resource-efficient alternative with a construction method it calls the "Pneumatic Forming of Hardened Concrete (PFHC)".

Graz-based startup develops world’s smallest defibrillator

The Graz-based startup liimtec was launched to make the world’s smallest defibrillator. In spite of suitable first aid measures such as heart massage and artificial respiration, the successful rescue of the people affected frequently fails to the lack of defibrillators which can end the resulting cardiac arrhythmias by means of an electric shock.

EUR 12 million investment in loudspeaker startup USound in Graz

A startup investment of this size has not taken place in Austria for a long time. EUR 12 million was invested in the Graz-based semiconductor specialist USound, which developed the smallest loudspeaker in the world.

More Than 300 Business Location Projects in Austria for the First Time

Growing attractiveness of the business location: Investment promotion consultancy ABA – Invest in Austria generates record results in 2016, supporting 319 international firms in setting up business operations in Austria – Higher volume of investments and new jobs

Supercapacitors: Battery researchers increase storage density

The success prospects for future e-mobility solutions go hand in hand with the growing demands placed on electricity storage devices. Researchers at the University of Graz have presented a hybrid which combines high energy density typical for batteries as well as the high performance of supercapacitors.

Hans im Glück opens its first foreign site

Hans im Glück (Hans in luck), a catering and food service group founded in 2010, focuses on restaurants which offer their guests different varieties of burgers and individually created dishes.

Infineon Austria: Growth on all levels

The recently completed 2016 financial year (balance sheet date of September 30, 2016) ranks among the most successful in the history of the Infineon Technologies Austria Group (Infineon Austria).

Growth capital for Crystalline Mirror Solutions

The crystalline mirror technology of CMS comprises a breakthrough in precision optics, and enables improvements in the range of a factor of 10-100 in optical measurement technology and the production of industrial lasers.

Startup Hub for CEE: Vienna among the Top Ten Startup Hotspots in Europe for the First Time

Vienna stands out due to its quality of life, infrastructure and the many talented people from all across Central Europe who live there.

EuroSkills 2016: Austria is the European champion once again

As was the case in 2014, Team Austria once again stood out above the others at this year’s EuroSkills competition in Gothenburg, Sweden, and managed to successfully defend its European championship title with a total of 14 medals.

Austria - An Attractive Location for Russian Direct Investment

ABA - Invest in Austria participated in the seminar "Austria - An Attractive Location for Russian Direct Investment" in Moscow. You missed it? Here is the link to it.

Startup Barometer 2016: Rising Attractiveness of Graz as a Business Location

The Ideentriebwerk Graz, the Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Graz and Up to Eleven have implemented an annual study since 2014 called the “Startup Barometer”.

Weekly Tip 13 #LocationAustria: Consider regional construction laws

If you plan to build, modify or adapt operating premises when expanding your business to Austria, keep in mind that the construction sector in Austria is subject to regional legislation.

Weekly Tip 12 #LocationAustria: Take Advantage of Top-Notch E-Government Services

If you intend to establish a branch office of your company in Austria, it is recommended to optimize administrative procedures by making use of Austria’s top-notch E-Government services.

Biggest Private Equity & Venture Capital conference in CEE

You can expect 70 speakers at 13 panels on topics such as VC in DACH, Corporate Deals, VC in Europe, Small & Mid Cap and many more.

New quantum states for improved quantum memories

How can quantum information be stored as long as possible? An important step forward in the development of quantum memories has been achieved by a research team of the Technical University (TU) Vienna.

Practical tips from the business location experts at ABA

Several companies establish a subsidiary abroad without sufficiently addressing issues concerning their business strategy and the selection of a suitable foreign site. What should they take into account?

Lasers from Linz for the Internet technology of tomorrow

LEDs and their related semiconductor lasers can also generate light in invisible spectrums. Such infrared or ultraviolet sources of light are seen in many technical applications. For example ultraviolet diodes are utilized in the disinfection of water, whereas infrared lasers are widespread in medicine and telecommunications to transmit data.

Viennese startup Lineapp wins international award

The internally recognized Event Technology Awards, which are bestowed in London each year, represent an encounter of many innovative companies and startups. The Lineapp team was given the award in the category “Best Technology Startup” at the Supernova Arena in London.

Innovative rehabilitation after strokes and communication with coma patients

The consequences of a stroke are severe. Many patients suffer from irreversible damage or even die. Thanks to its opening of the Center for Neurotechnology, the Upper Austrian company g.tec has established a competence center for stroke rehabilitation. It combines therapy, research and training under one roof.

Weekly Tip 11 #LocationAustria: Consider Austrian mentality

If you are aware of the special features and peculiarities of the Austrian mentality and take them into account, you will have an initial advantage for your business in Austria. On the other hand, ignoring national characteristics can adversely impact business opportunities. What is typically Austrian when it comes to business life?

Weekly Tip 10 #LocationAustria: Networks as a success factor in Austria

“Build your network, before you need it” – a guiding principle which is of particular importance for a small country like Austria.

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