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START:IP - Your chance to become an entrepreneur with cutting-edge technology

The university high-tech incubator INiTS is offering top-notch entrepreneurs the opportunity to develop exciting business ideas and innovative products together with outstanding researchers.

“Economist” certifies that Vienna has the highest quality of life

Who would not like to work in one of the most liveable cities in the world? The business magazine “The Economist" once again rated Vienna second in the world in its annual global ranking of the “Most Liveable Cities”.

Swiss foundation provides EUR 1.4 million in support for quantum physics at IST Austria

The Swiss NOMIS foundation is supporting the project “Hybrid Semiconductor – Superconductor Quantum Devices” at IST Austria with a financial grant amounting to EUR 1.4 million over the next four years. The aim of the research work is to develop building blocks for future quantum computers.

Austrian regions strong in research

With a research to GDP ratio of more than 3%, several Austrian regions are vigorously stepping on the gas when it comes to research.

Alantra selects Vienna as its CEE headquarters

The globally operating, publicly listed investment bank Alantra has strengthened its presence in the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) and in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) by opening an investment banking office in Vienna

Anti-theft protection for cash cards “Made in Austria”

Really smart: a so-called “smart secure cover” is designed to protect cash (debit) cards and other data carriers against undesired access.

Blockchain Austria

Blockchain has a decisive influence on the development of the Internet. Now, on the basis of the platform “Blockchain Austria”, Austria is supporting, for example, the setting up of blockchain research platforms, the training of specialized staff and already existing blockchain activities.

Station-free bike-sharing company "ofo" launches in Vienna

In agreement with the City of Vienna, the launch will begin on 27 August 2017 with a one-month long pilot phase in Vienna's second municipal district. During this period, which will last until late September, ofo's bike-sharing service will be available to all users free of charge. Once the pilot phase ends, ofo plans to deploy a full fleet of 2,000 bikes across Vienna.

Austria lures researchers with research tax allowance

Whoever comes from abroad to conduct research in Austria can take advantage of tax benefits.

Potential biomarker discovered for brain tumors in children

After leukaemia, primary tumours of the brain and spinal cord are the second most common forms of cancer in childhood and adolescence. The presence of the enzyme telomerase characterises a particularly malignant subgroup of cerebellar ependymomas and, in addition to the known markers, could provide information that allows a more accurate prognosis and hence also choice of treatment.

Robot colleague recognizes touch

How can robots and people work together without endangering each other? Up until now protective fences have protected people against potential injuries.

Autonomous driving: TTTech programs for Audi

Audi is relying on Austrian know-how, and identified TTTech as its technology partner within the context of its search for the best and most sophisticated safety technology in the field of automated driving.

EUR 280 million for “Silicon Austria“

Austria is getting a new top-notch research center for microelectronics called “Silicon Austria”. EUR 280 million will be invested in the research facility over the upcoming five-year period. The laboratories are located in Graz, Villach and Linz. The Campus Inffeld of the Graz University of Technology will be responsible for overall coordination.

MSD invests USD 220 million in Krems

MSD Animal Health, the animal health division of the American pharmaceutical group Merck, is expanding its production in Austria and taking over the former Baxter site in Krems, Lower Austria.

Top environment for innovations

Austria was given top marks in the latest innovation ranking and is now considered to be ninth in international comparison with respect to its innovative strength.

Austria well on track

Austria invests quite a lot of money in its railway infrastructure compared to other European countries.

Cross-border cooperation agreements

Seven research facilities in Slovenia and Austria are linking their research in the field of material science. A new program is designed to bring scientists and companies together.

Map for the development of nerve cells

The results of a study carried out by IST Austria (Lower Austria), Francis Crick Institute (London) and EPFL (Lausanne) on the organization of nerve cells in the spinal cord during embryo development could be of importance for the future of regenerative medicine. The study was published in the scientific journal Science.

Transmission systems put to the test

The business and scientific communities work hand in hand. AVL and the Graz University of Technology have opened up the world’s most efficient competence center for researching and developing new types of transmission systems.

CBmed competence center cooperates with SAP

Large volumes of data are a challenge, especially in clinical research. The Graz-based K1 Center for Biomarker Research in Medicine (CBmed) developed a new system in collaboration with SAP Health to optimize the processing and evaluation of large-scale and complex clinical data sets.

Dachser Logistics invests in Tyrol

The German logistics services provider Dachser is investing about EUR 6.5 million in new business premises in Stans near Schwaz in Tyrol.

TRA 2018 is looking for projects and ideas for its new Interactive Zone!

The Transport Research Arena will take place in Vienna, Austria, from 16 - 19th April 2018. The Interactive Zone offers the opportunity to present projects, research results and pilots
in addition to the usual conference and the exhibition. Submissions for this Interactive Zone can still be received until 15th September 2017.

The freedom to conduct research

The German-born quantum physicist Hanns-Christoph Nägerl of the University of Innsbruck received the Wittgenstein Award 2017 for ultracold many-body quantum systems. Hanns-Christoph Nägerl is one of the world’s leading quantum physicists in the field of ultracold many-body quantum systems.

Virtual Vehicle: Competence center for digital vehicles

The digital transformation of vehicles is the focal point of the EUR 48 million COMET research program entitled “K2 Digital Mobility”, which will be launched in 2018 at the Graz-based research center “Virtual Vehicle” and will be supported by a strong international network. About 50 industrial partners are on board, including AVL List, Magna, Siemens, Infineon, NXP and the American chip producer NVIDIA.

Industry 4.0 know-how for France

The research-intensive company nxtControl based in Lower Austria was integrated into the French electronics group Schneider Electric at the end of June. nxtControl, global technology leader in the field of control systems in accordance with the IEC61499 and IEC61131 standards, is currently participating in six EU projects.

Smartfactory – Pilot plant Industry 4.0

The “smartfactory@tugraz" will be home to the new pilot plant for Industry 4.0 on the premises of the Graz University of Technology. There companies and universities can test and research into new production techniques related to digitalized industry. The Austrian Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology along with industrial companies and the Graz University of Technology are investing a total of approx. EUR 6.4 million. The focus is on production methods enabling the profitable manufacturing of small quantities.

easyJet to set up European headquarters in Vienna

easyJet has announced to establish a new airline „easyJet Europe“ which will be headquartered in Vienna to continue flying across the Continent after Brexit.

Xing purchases Austrian startup Prescreen

The German business network Xing has acquired the Vienna-based startup Prescreen. The basic purchase price is EUR 17 million. However, the final cost of acquisition could increase by EUR 5-10 million if specified targets are achieved by the year 2020.

University of Vienna: On the path to individual tumor therapies

For many years researchers have been trying to identify molecular target structures of metalliferous substances to combat cancer in order to be able to more effectively assess the mechanisms of action as well as individual risk factors.

New ESA satellite comes from Austria

The Graz University of Technology is collaborating with the company RUAG Space to build a new micro satellite for the European Space Agency (ESA).

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