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Silicon Valley runs on Austrian technology

The Austrian drive manufacturer Traktionssysteme Austria (TSA) is equipping a rapid transit railway for employees of Google, Facebook & Co. in California’s high-tech center with new engines.

Innovative chemistry for the world comes from Linz

ESIM Chemicals is a highly specialized company operating in the field of fine chemistry.

Endowed professor for data intelligence at the Vienna University of Technology

The data scientist Prof. Allan George Hanbury will assume the newly-created position of endowed professor for data intelligence at the Vienna University of Technology.

Specialization of Austria’s top companies in demand

The high level of specialization on the part of Austria’s top companies is an important factor in M&A activities from Asia.

Fresh capital injection for the Viennese HR startups JobRocker and firstbird

The Viennese human resources startup JobRocker and firstbird both received a fresh injection of capital.

Gallup relocates headquarters from Zurich to Vienna

Gallup International Association, which internationally coordinates the 60 market and opinion research institutes operating in 76 countries, is relocating its headquarters from Zurich to Vienna.

LifeNet Health opens European headquarters in Vienna

The non-profit American transplant medical company LifeNet Health opened up its European headquarters in Vienna.

Austria ranked 20th for global talents

In the “Global Talent Competitiveness Index 2018“, Austria was ranked in the top 20 among 119 nations included in the study with respect to the global competition for the best talents.

Great Wall Motors is building a research center in Austria

The Chinese automobile producer Great Wall Motors is relying on its Austrian business location as part of its global expansion efforts.

Austria’s export economy will surpass EUR 150 billion threshold in 2018

The Austrian Federal Economic Chamber came to a gratifying conclusion with respect to the development of Austria’s foreign trade.

Peter Zoller given the U.S. Lamb Award

The quantum physics pioneer and visionary Peter Zoller was presented with the 2018 Willis Lamb Award for Laser Physics and Quantum Optics in the USA.

Lukoil invests in its Vienna hub for foreign business

The Russian oil and gas company Lukoil is strengthening its foreign business bundled in Vienna thanks to a capital injection of EUR 6.2 billion in its subsidiary Lukoil International GmbH headquartered in Vienna.

Biocrates acquires Metanomics

At the beginning of January, Biocrates Life Sciences AG announced the acquisition of the Berlin-based firm Metanomics Health GmbH and the conclusion of a round of financing.

CES: Austria is one of twelve innovation champions

In the "Innovation Scorecard" study presented in Las Vegas, Austria is listed as one of the twelve most innovative countries (“innovation champions”) in the world.

Market leader for heat exchangers sets up subsidiary in Vienna

The Italian Lu-Ve Group, European market leader in the production of heat exchangers and condensers for refrigeration units, has established Lu-Ve Austria GmbH, a subsidiary in Austria based in Vienna.

Austrian households among the top three in purchasing power in the EU

Austrian households rank among the most prosperous in Europe. Their consumption is close to one-fifth more than the EU average.

Financing round for satellite propulsion startup

The Austrian startup Enpulsion has concluded a round of financing led by the businessman and investor Alon Shklarek and supported by aws Seedfinancing, following funding provided by the EU funding program “Horizon 2020”, which also took place in 2017.

Hookipa: EUR 50 million for immunotherapy against cancer

The Viennese biotech startup Hookipa raised EUR 50 million in capital for clinical studies on an immunotherapy to combat cancer and infectious diseases.

Venture capital fund capital300 launches investment activities

The Austrian venture capital fund capital 300 co-founded by startup300 launched its operational investment activity by implementing a “first closing” with a volume of more than EUR 20 million.

More broadband and 5G for Austria

Digitalization will be one of the priorities of the new Austrian government which was sworn in on December 18, 2017.

Full steam ahead at PIER 4

Network, scout and support: the start-up incubator tech2b has launched PIER 4, a networking initiative in Upper Austria between top companies and smart start-ups.

THI receives award for innovative medical product

The company THI Total Healthcare Innovation was granted Carinthia‘s innovation and Research Award“ in the category “Small and Medium-Sized Businesses” for its research achievements based on the project entitled “ViVi® Infection Prevention-System”.


Cooperation instead of competition: Vienna now belongs to the START ALLIANCE and is part of the alliance of the leading startup cities in the world.

Austria holds a top position in the “World Talent Ranking”

In the IMD World Talent Ranking 2017, Austria is given a top rating, placing fourth in the world, and is even ranked an outstanding third in the area of Investment & Development.

AMADA invests EUR 10 million in Lower Austria

The Austrian subsidiary of the Japanese industrial group AMADA is investing EUR 10 million in new production machinery and equipment to expand its manufacturing capabilities for carbide band saw blades at its plant in Lower Austria.

Infineon expands research in Austria

The German semiconductor company Infineon intends to massively expand its research activities in Austria up until the year 2020, creating about 860 new jobs in research and development.

Google acquires stake in Viennese IT developer

The American company Google has acquired an equity stake in the Viennese IT developer StreamUnlimited, and now holds a good 41% shareholding in the company via its Irish subsidiary.

“Austria as the Innovation Leader”– New Government Program Will Attract More Foreign Investors

The new Austrian government under the leadership of Chancellor Sebastian Kurz intends to make Austrian into Europe’s innovation leader and leading business location. The program presented by the government contains numerous initiatives and incentives to cement the ties of domestic and foreign entrepreneurs to Austria as a business location as well as to lure new investors. The focus is on a comprehensive realignment of tax policies, the strengthening of the country as an innovation and research location as well as measures designed to counteract the shortage of qualified personnel.

Smart Data Firm Braintribe Receives Millions in Investment Capital for Global Growth

An investment consortium under the lead management of Q Capital Ventures has acquired a stake in the fast-growing Austrian smart data company Braintribe by investing a mid single-digit million euro amount.

Apple allergens as an effective treatment option for apple allergies

The food allergy related to birch pollen is a very common attendant phenomenon associated with the birch pollen allergy.

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