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News from the business location Austria

Virtual Vehicle gets Infineon and voestalpine on board

With Infineon and voestalpine, two further domestic global players are participating in the Styrian think-tank Virtual Vehicle.

Opening of LIT Secure and Correct Systems Lab

According to current studies, the direct costs incurred by companies as a result of malfunctioning systems triggered by ransomware such as “WannaCry” or “Petya/NotPetya” total up to USD 5 billion annually.

Hadean Ventures invests in Austrian Biotech Themis Bioscience

Earlier this fall, Hadean Ventures announced the fund’s investment into Themis Bioscience. The financing, a USD 40m round, was co-led by Hadean Ventures together with US asset manager Farallon Capital.

A smartphone keyboard for the blind

A special mobile phone keyboard developed by the Vienna University of Technology enables blind people to type in texts on their smartphones.

Cooperation of business and science: two new Christian Doppler laboratories at the Graz University of Technology

Two new Christian Doppler (CD) laboratories were opened at the Graz University of Technology at the end of September, enabling the production of proteins and high-quality plastics in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Silicon Valley startup Sentry carries out development work in Vienna

Vienna is an important business location for the Silicon Valley company Sentry.

Well-being comparison: Austria among the top ten worldwide

Austria is doing quite well. It was ranked eighth overall and thus among the top ten of those countries in the world with the highest level of well-being of its population.

Biodegradable street lighting

Safe streets on the basis of smart, biodegradable lighting: the Austrian startup Insolulight develops signalling lamps which, for example, are installed at zebra crossings and are turned on synchronously with traffic lights.

Vienna University of Technology involved in developing a nuclear clock

A revolution is in the making. The nuclear clock is the measure of all things when it comes to precisely telling time. However, the technology has not fully matured, and nuclear clocks could potentially tick even more precisely.

Heat protection for Ariane 6 rockets “Made in Austria”

In the future, the Austrian company RUAG Space, a leading provider of products for the aerospace industry with a growing presence in the USA, will produce thermal insulation for rockets. More specifically, it will supply heat protection for the thrusters of the Ariane 6 launch vehicles which will put European satellites in the Earth’s orbit starting in the year 2020.

IFG invests EUR 1.3 million in a development centre

The International Fibres Group (IFG) is investing EUR 1.3 million in forward-looking fibre production at its Austrian site in Linz i.e. IFG Asota. Accordingly, this further expands the role of IFG Asota as a development centre for the entire IFG Group.

Honeypot launches business operations in Austria

Honeypot, the portal for IT specialists, plans to open an office in Vienna and wants to offer easier access to software developers and other specialists to companies in Austria. In the light of the shortage of skilled employees, Honeypot has redefined the field of job placement, so that companies have to apply to Honeypot for IT talents.

Startup AQT makes quantum computers accessible

The Innsbruck-based quantum computer spin-off Alpine Quantum Technologies GmbH (AQT) is making its hardware available to researchers and industrial partners. The Tyrolean high-tech quantum computer can now be used with the programming framework for quantum computers, Cirq, which was developed by Google.

ERC Starting Grant for molecular biologist in Innsbruck

The molecular biologist Jerome Mertens received a Starting Grant of the European Research Council (ERC) for his research into understanding the molecular and cellular causes of aging, especially brain aging and molecular cell biology of Alzheimer's disease in nerve cells.

Atoms as catalysts

Researchers at the Vienna University of Technology incorporate individual metal atoms into a surface in the right way, thus allowing their chemical behaviour to be adapted.

IAC plans a production facility in Burgenland

The automobile component supplier International Automotive Components Group ("IAC") plans to establish a development and production facility in Austria.

Oh, Vienna: Vienna remains the most liveable city in the world

Vienna is a good place for people to live and work.

Publicly listed companies invest more in R&D

Companies based in Austria are continuing to make massive investments in research and development.

Pfizer builds international quality control centre in Austria

A total of EUR 50 million is being invested in the construction of a new laboratory for an international quality control centre for vaccines, as well as the construction of modern office space and the modernisation and expansion of the existing infrastructure for vaccine production.

Fight against cancer: New biosensor of the University of Innsbruck

Kinases are enzymes which enable chemical processes in cells.

Easy Softwareprofits from the Austrian digitalisation market

The German IT company Easy Software sees considerable potential in Austria and plans further investments at its sites and specialised employees.

Startup Kibox makes storage easy

Solving the problem of full attics, storerooms or cellars is the focal point of the new startup Kibox, which began operating in Vienna and Lower Austria.

Electricity: Austria in the top ranks for supply reliability

A company deciding in favour of Austria as a business location can expect stable framework conditions.

Great Wall Motors develops electric drives for China

The Chinese automobile manufacturer Great Wall Motors (GWM) opened a research and development centre in Austria in 2017 involving investments of EUR 20 million.

Expats: Secondment Of Employees

What do you have to keep in mind when employees are sent abroad on behalf of their employers? Here are a few points which should not be missing on your checklist:

Austria’s Investment Promotion Agency is the Best in Europe

ABA - Invest in Austria honoured by the Annual Investment Meeting in Dubai.

Medical University of Vienna: New methods train heart muscles with microcurrent

In Europe, there are currently around 20 million people (2-3% of the adult population) who suffer from systolic heart failure.

EY study: Two Austrian companies among the top global 500 in terms of research expenditures

Large corporate groups are increasing their budgets for innovations in order to differentiate themselves from the competition and press ahead with digitalisation.

BMW: EUR 28 million in investments for its Salzburg site

The BMW Group is investing more than EUR 28 million to expand its facility in Salzburg.

Plastics machinery producer SML opened its new corporate headquarters

The plastics machinery manufacturer SML opened its newly constructed corporate headquarters in Upper Austria for the development and production of extrusion plants built across the globe for the plastics processing industry.

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