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Динамичная площадка для ведения бизнеса

Новости Австрии, как площадки для бизнеса

Restarting Growth in Central and Eastern Europe: Drivers and Barriers

Professor Arnold Schuh (Vienna University of Economics and Business) shares his insights on the economic recovery in CEE.

Storyclash: Fresh capital for social media monitoring software

Storyclash succeeded in getting two new investors on board, namely the Upper Austria High Tech Fund and A Round Capital of Munich.

Chimpy power banks now also available in Vienna

The power bank rental service of the Swiss company Chimpy is now also represented in Vienna in addition to Berlin, Hamburg, Paris and Barcelona.

Interxion expands its Austrian facility

The provider of data centre services purchased an additional property in Vienna’s 21st district, near the existing data centre campus.

BMW Group produces e-drive housings in Steyr

The BMW engine plant in Steyr, Upper Austria will manufacture all electric drive housings for the new BMW iX3 in the future.

OnlineDoctor launches operations in Austria

The platform onlinedoctor.at, Europe’s leading provider of teledermatology, recently started operating in Austria.

Corona vaccine with an Austrian contribution

An Austrian company is also making a valuable contribution to the COVID-19 vaccine of BioNTech and Pfizer, the most highly advanced of all vaccines currently being developed.

Reopening of Human Factors Laboratory of Joanneum Research

Joanneum Research opened its newly designed Human Factors Laboratory.

New in Vienna: FOM University for professionals

FOM University of Applied Sciences, one of the leading private universities in Europe, is now also represented in Vienna.

ABA: Business location projects at the 2018 level despite the coronavirus crisis

The business location scorecard of the investment promotion consultancy Austrian Business Agency (ABA) at the end of the third quarter of 2020 confirms the very positive results achieved by Austria as a business location in spite of the coronavirus crisis.

SMS group builds pilot facility in Vienna

The international sms group is currently building the world’s first pilot plant in Vienna to generate synthesis gas (syngas) from sewage sludge for the purpose of environmentally compatible fuel production.

Secop brings world-class research to Styria

The German company Secop GmbH is currently building a central research facility for the International Secop Group in Austria.

Digital health assistant from Austria is globally successful

The medical search engine Symptoma helps users and doctors in the diagnosis of illnesses such as COVID-19.

Takeda further expands its Austrian facility

The pharmaceutical company Takeda headquartered in Japan is investing an amount in the double-digit million Euro range in its Austrian plant in Orth an der Donau, and will launch production of a vector for the CAR-NK cell therapy starting in the year 2022.

People and machines reach the same conclusions

A human research team and a machine learning algorithm have found that we need to rethink much of what we know about iridium oxide.

Tumour patients and healthcare professionals: hardly any antibodies to SARS-CoV-2

As a result of frequent patient contacts, healthcare professionals in hospitals are exposed to a higher than usual risk of infection with SARS-CoV-2.

Tyrolean startup frees gondolas from the coronavirus

An innovative hygiene technology from MCI and the lighting producer PLANLICHT has come to the aid of the tourism industry which has been particularly hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic.

Kelly builds new storage facility in Vienna

The snack producer Kelly is investing € 8.5 million in an additional high-bay warehouse at its facility in Vienna Donaustadt, thus doubling its storage capacity.

Analysis platform IoT Inspector expands to Austria

The German cybersecurity specialist IoT Inspector based in Bad Homburg has opened up its first foreign subsidiary in Austria and is bundling its research and development activities here.

Ares Genetics wins the Austrian Digitization Award

The massive increase in antibiotic-resistant bacteria poses major challenges to healthcare facilities such as hospitals.

Sappi invests € 35 million in its Austrian facility

Sappi has made its facility in Gratkorn, Styria fit for the future thanks to a major investment of € 35 million.

Microsoft invests € 1 billion in Austria

The US technology company Microsoft plans to make by far the biggest investment it has ever made in Austria.

Space telescope CHEOPS delivers initial results

The space exploration mission CHEOPS has been providing initial exciting results from outer space.

A 3D map of the genome

In a ground-breaking success for cell biology, it is now possible for the first time to three-dimensionally depict how replicated DNA organises itself and how sister chromosomes behave towards each other.

App measures the human body

The Linz-based startup AMB technology has developed a recognition software for cameras and smart phones to digitally measure people.

The Energy-IoT-startup Hydrogrid raises fresh capital for expansion

Hydrogrid is preparing for its expansion to other European markets.

Bitpanda receives USD 52 million in Series A financing round

The Vienna-based digital investment platform Bitpanda raised USD 52 million in a financing round led by Valar Ventures, a company owned by the large investor Peter Thiel.

Expats give Austria top marks for environmentally awareness

When it comes to environmental awareness and sustainability, Austria performs excellently as a place to be for highly educated employees.

Top 3 ranking for Austria in the EU’s eGovernment Benchmark report

Austria is rated as one of the top nations in Europe with respect to eGovernment.

Preventing quantum computers from crashing

Qubits, the carriers of quantum information, are prone to errors induced by undesired environmental interactions. These errors accumulate during a quantum computation and correcting them is thus a key requirement for a reliable use of quantum computers.

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