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Новости Австрии, как площадки для бизнеса

Siemens: New robot welding plant in Graz

Siemens Mobility has put a new robot-controlled frame welding facility into operation in Graz.

IST Austria No. 2 among the world’s best research institutes

Nature Index ranks IST Austria in Klosterneuburg at the top of the world

Austria ranked second in railway investment

Austria is well on track and is investing strongly in its railway system.

Electricity charging case when a blackout takes place

When everything becomes dark in case of a natural catastrophe or a blackout, the new electricity charging case should provide relief.

"Plug and Play" sets up startup hub at Vienna Airport

The American innovation platform "Plug and Play" is establishing its own startup hub at the Airport City Vienna.

Bosch invests in the future

2018 was once again a successful year for Bosch in Austria.

Ottobock invests EUR 2 million in Vienna

The underlying basis of success of the globally recognised development work of the German life sciences company Ottobock being carried out in Vienna is the extremely pronounced medical research landscape offering fertile ground for interdisciplinary R&D projects.

Connected Mobility Hackathon: Motorcycle starts with one’s own voice

Find out the best place to park the fire-fighting vehicle when in action by means of an assistance system or pay at the petrol station without getting out of the car are several of the issues which came up at the 2nd Connected Mobility Hackathon held in the KTM Motohall in Upper Austria.

INiTS Demo Day: Incubees dominated by digitalisation

The 11th Demo Day of the university high-tech incubator INiTS showed the direction in which research, development and business is moving.

Vienna Airport: Globally unique high-speed charging station

The Viennese utility company Wien Energie and Vienna Airport have teamed up to put a globally unique rapid charging station into operation.

Music startup Legitary wins Midemlab competition

A spin-off of the Vienna University of Technology won this year’s Midemlab, the world’s most important competition for music startups, which served as the basis for companies such as Kickstarter and Soundcloud to become well-known.

University of Innsbruck: Cancer drug activated by slow electrons

Different molecules are being tested in the field of radiation therapy in order to improve the effect of the radiation on cancer cells.

Austria: 19th place in the current IMD competitive ranking

Austria is rated 19th out of 63 countries in the current IMD World Competitiveness Ranking.

Открыть компанию в Австрии

Eсть масса нюансов, о которых следует знать иностранцам, прежде чем решить открыть свое дело на австрийской земле. ABA – Invest in Austria, это национальная компания по продвижению инвестиций и первый контакт для иностранных предприятий, которые хотят основать в Австрии собственную фирму.

A.T. Kearney: Austria improves in the investment ranking

The inflows related to foreign direct investments in Europe in 2018 fell by 73 percent to USD 100 billion from the prior-year level of USD 372 billion.

South Central Ventures invests in the startup AdScanner

South Central Ventures (SCV), the leading venture capital fund in South East Europe, is investing in the Austrian startup AdScanner.

Digital platform for clinical studies starts in Austria

Viomedo, the largest German clinical trial platform, is now launching operations in Austria.

Austria: 25th anniversary of the partnership with Abu Dhabi

25 years ago, Abu Dhabi and Austria signed a syndicate agreement laying the foundation for a longstanding commercial partnership.

Austria is a trailblazer in digital company formation

Starting in 2022, the founding of limited liability companies (German: GmbH) in Austria will take place completely digitally.

University of Innsbruck: Sensational discovery of three exocomets around the star Beta Pictoris

A sensational discovery was made at the University of Innsbruck by analysing data from the current NASA mission TESS.

8th Pioneers Conference 2019: Deep Tech and Storyball

In May 2019, Vienna’s Hofburg Palace was once again the venue for the Pioneers Conference, serving as a meeting place for the Austrian and European startup scene.

UltimateGaN: Energy-saving chip from a new material as a catalyst for renewable energy

The European research project UltimateGaN (Research for GaN technologies, devices and applications to address the challenges of the futureGaN roadmap) was launched under the leadership of Infineon Austria.

University of Innsbruck and Blue Danube Robotics Win Houska Award 2019

The Houska Award is Austria’s largest private research award for applied research. Since it was initiated, it has become a permanent fixture in the country’s research landscape.

University of Innsbruck: Quantum cloud computing with a self-test

Thanks to a quantum co-processor in the cloud, physicists in Innsbruck flung a door wide open to deal with problems in the fields of chemistry, materials research and high-energy physics which were virtually impossible to solve in the past.

Two Austrians admitted to the US National Academy of Sciences (NAS)

The quantum physicist Rainer Blatt and the molecular biologist Rudolf Zechner were admitted to the United States National Academy of Sciences (NAS).

Austria ranked sixth in the EU for patent applications

Last year Austrian companies registered a total of 11,227 patents around the world.

Austria: Reduction of corporate income tax

The planned tax reform to be implemented by the Austrian Federal Government represents an important step towards specifically relieving the burden on companies as well.

University of Innsbruck: New LED phosphor saves energy

The human eye is particularly sensitive to green, but less sensitive to blue and red.

Vienna University of Technology: Light from exotic particle states

A new type of light-emitting diode has been developed at the Vienna University of Technology.

Position paper of the Federation of Austrian Industries on Research Location Austria

The Federation of Austrian Industries presented its position paper in April on a strong and future-oriented RTI business location of Austria called “Research. Technology. Industry - Solutions for Our Society and Future”.

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