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Новости Австрии, как площадки для бизнеса

“Corona: Short-Time Work“

Short-time work is possible for companies regardless of their size and the respective sector in which they operate (with the exception of federal and provincial governments, municipalities, legal persons under public law and political parties).

€ 38 Billion Economic Aid Package in Detail

On March 26, the Austrian Federal Government presented details of the previously announced aid package for the Austrian economy. Since March 27, 5 p.m. self-employed persons and small businesses can submit applications for up to € 6,000 in emergency aid. The Emergency Fund will grant loans which do not have to be entirely paid back.

Useful Information on the Coronavirus

How can I protect my employees from the coronavirus? As a company, what can I do to prevent the spread of the coronavirus? How can I apply for short-time work for my employees? These and many other questions have arisen since the outbreak of the coronavirus crisis.

The Port of Vienna Continues to Operate Despite the Coronavirus

In its role as the most important logistics centre, infrastructure and supply company for the City of Vienna, the Port of Vienna is continuing full operations despite the measures being implemented to contain the coronavirus.

Coronavirus: Government Commits € 23 Million to Fund Drug Research

The Austrian Federal Government is making € 23 million in funding available for drug research to fight the coronavirus. The financial support primarily targets projects designed to conduct research into the effectiveness of existing drugs as a means of combatting the coronavirus. The additional funding is designed to accelerate the required clinical studies.

€ 38 billion aid package for the Austrian economy

The Austrian Federal Government announced a € 38 billion aid package for the national economy. Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurz and Vice Chancellor Werner Kogler emphasized the very foundation upon which many companies operate no longer exists. That is why the government will do “everything that is humanly possible” to prevent mass unemployment.

Legal and tax questions related to COVID-19: Government Aid for Companies

The current restrictions by the Austrian government for combating the COVID-19-pandemic lead to several complex legal and tax questions. Deloitte advisors respectively Jank Weiler Operenyi / Deloitte Legal advisors inform you about possible legal and tax implications and developments.

Europe’s most advanced BioLife Plasma Centre opens in Vienna

Europe’s most modern BioLife Plasma Centre opened in Europe.

Fresh funding for startups

Startups in the fields of FinTech, deep tech (university spin-offs), digital marketplaces, Industry 4.0, digital health and consumer tech can look forward to an injection of fresh funding.

Google prize for Tyrolean quantum physicist

The Tyrolean physicist Wolfgang Lechner has been granted a Google Faculty Research Award in the category Quantum Computing.

Mostly AI: USD 5 million investment for Viennese AI startup

The Viennese artificial intelligence startup Mostly AI specialising in synthetic data raised USD 5 million in its financing round thanks to the venture capital company Earlybird and the existing investors 42 CAP and Push Ventures.

Infineon expands chip production in Austria

The German chip manufacturer Infineon is massively expanding its capacities in Austria.

Amazon Web Services opens an office in Vienna

The cloud services provider Amazon Web Services (AWS) opened a branch office in Vienna in February.

Many-body quantum physics

Many of the biggest questions in physics can be answered with the help of quantum field theories: They are needed to describe the dynamics of many interacting particles. These theories are just as essential in solid state physics as they are in cosmology.


Some 40 Austrian startups applied to take part in the GoSiliconValley initiative 2020/21 organised by the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber. 16 of these startups were selected by the American jury.

MED-EL Innovation would have enabled Beethoven to hear again

MED-EL Medical Electronics is the leading producer of hearing implant solutions. With the help of MED-EL innovations, Ludwig van Beethoven would be able to hear well today.

Presentation of hydrogen hybrid car from Austria

The first Austrian hydrogen fuel cell battery hybrid vehicle was recently presented in Graz. Together with partners such as the Graz University of Technology and Magna, the drive system developer AVL created a visionary hydrogen hybrid vehicle fusing the strengths of hydrogen and battery technology.

Solar Orbiter with Austrian technology

Austrian technology is protecting the recently launched space probe Solar Orbiter of the European Space Agency (ESA) from temperatures of up to 300 degrees Celsius.

ReloPilot supports international experts when relocating to Austria

ReloPilot, the company led by Petra Botekova and Nadine Wilden, is launching a new App on 17 February 2020 to help employees to relocate to other countries.

New spin-off for quantum optimisation

Across the globe companies are working on developing the first quantum computers to leverage their “quantum advantage” compared to conventional computers and find the first useful applications.

New Christian Doppler Laboratory for drug development

The new Christian Doppler Laboratory for Entropy Oriented Drug Design serves as the basis for researchers to take a new approach to designing bioactive compounds.

Call for goShenzhen 2020

Apply now before the deadline expires on 16 February 2020! The Global Incubator Network Austria (GIN) is searching for startups to participate in its next goAsia Acceleration Programme.

ABB invests in Austria

The Swiss industrial group ABB is currently making the largest organic investment in industrial automation in its history at the headquarters of B&R in Eggelsberg, Upper Austria.

Ares Genetics brings rapid coronavirus test to Europe

Ares Genetics GmbH, the Viennese subsidiary of the German Curetis Group, has joined forces with the Chinese genomics research company BGI Group to collaborate in making rapid molecular diagnostic testing for the new coronavirus 2019-nCoV available in Europe.

New ultrasound method against Alzheimer’s

In neurological diseases such as Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease or multiple sclerosis, brain neurons are constantly being lost.

Research for business: Launch of the TU Graz-SAL research labs

The Graz University of Technology (TU Graz) and Silicon Austria Labs (SAL) are launched the first SAL research labs at an Austrian university and will thus lay the foundation for ground-breaking digital products and processes thanks to joint basic research in the field of electronics-based systems.

Pacovis expands in Austria

The Swiss packaging specialist Pacovis is further expanding its business operations in Austria and is building a new headquarters with an accompanying logistics centre in Lower Austria.

One can live well and with low-priced living conditions in Vienna

It is well-known that one can live very well in Vienna.

Quantum connection under the sea

The quantum internet of the future should enable completely secure communication between users across the globe which is free from eavesdropping.

Vision S features know-how from Magna in Austria

Sony caused a sensation at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas and presented the “Vision S”, its first electric-powered vehicle developed with substantial assistance from Austria.

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