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Electra has expanded to Austria and plans to set up over 600 fast charging points by 2027

Questions posed to Sébastien Aldegué, Country Manager Austria of Electra: 

When and where was Electra founded and how would you describe its business activities? 

Electra was established in France in the year 2021 and is a charging station operator specialising in expanding Europe’s charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. Electra’s business operations encompass the development, construction, and operation of charging stations, especially in urban and peri-urban areas. We are a so-called pure player and focus exclusively on increasing the number of fast charging stations. Using our system, a vehicle can be completely recharged within 20-25 minutes.  

What is so special about Electra’s charging stations, and what solutions do you offer in the field of charging infrastructure development, particularly in Austria? 

Electra’s charging points are particularly oriented to meeting current challenges in expanding the charging infrastructure. This is because they are located at urban and peri-urban locations offering a broad spectrum of services and shopping opportunities for customers. In this way, the charging time for customers is designed to be more pleasant and efficient. Our urban charging stations also provide access to charging options for drivers who live in apartments and thus do not have the possibility to install their own charging points.  

In which countries do Electra’s fast charging stations already exist, and where are others being planned?  

Electra has already set up 180 charging hubs in France, Benelux, and Italy. The first charging hubs will be established this year in Austria, Switzerland, Spain, and Germany, so that we will have about 450 charging hubs in Europe by the end of 2024.   

Planning work on further locations is continuing all the time. We would like to strongly expand our presence in Europe. We have defined the objective of installing 2,200 charging hubs or 15,000 charging points throughout Europe by the year 2030. 

Why has Electra expanded to Austria? What are your goals here? 

Electra has expanded to Austria to profit from growth opportunities in this market. We aim to expand the charging infrastructure in Austria, establish charging points in urban and peri-urban areas and thus enable a seamless charging experience for customers. We want to set up more than 100 fast charging points in Austria this year alone, and 600+ by 2027.  

Which locations for charging points are suitable for Electra? 

In particular, the locations which come into question for Electra can be found in urban and peri-urban areas and offer easy accessibility and a large variety of services for customers. Our charging stations will be mainly installed in parking lots of shopping centres, supermarkets, hotels, and restaurants.  

When you look back, how do you view the founding of your subsidiary in Austria? What support did you have and how did ABA help you? 

Founding a company in Austria was a very positive experience for us because we received the support of various partners and organisations which assisted us in expanding to Austria, including Austrian Business Agency.  

At the beginning of 2024 you raised more than € 300 million in a round of financing, or a total of € 600 million over the last three years. How will you make use of this fresh injection of capital?  

The new funding round featuring a volume of € 304 million is the second largest which has ever taken place in the entire European charging sector. With the additional capital, we plan to further expand our charging infrastructure, expand the network of European charging stations, and introduce new technologies to improve the charging experience of our customers. For example, we introduced the first reservation system for charging stations and offer solutions enabling everyone to find a nearby charging station and optimise the time spent on daily activities.  

What objectives is Electra trying to achieve by 2030 in Europe and in Austria, and what role does the Austrian facility play in all this? 

Electra’s targets for 2030 include expanding the charging infrastructure throughout Europe and creating a comprehensive network of charging stations with a total of 2,200 charging hubs or 15,000 charging points. The Austrian site plays an important role as part of the European market and is a strategic interface for the company’s expansion.  

How do you or the company’s top management in France see Electra’s growth potential and strategic positioning on the Austrian market?  

Austria offers significant expansion opportunities for Electra due to the growing interest in electric vehicles and sustainability. The incentives provided by the Austrian Federal Government to promote e-powered vehicles combined with a strong environmental awareness on the part of the population have created an open-minded market. Thanks to its presence in Austria, Electra can contribute to achieving the country’s green mobility targets. 

You grew up in Austria and thus you know the local market inside out. In your opinion, what are the top three competitive advantages Austria offers compared to other business locations, especially to international startups and scaleups? 

From a business perspective, I would mention the following top three advantages:  

  • Stable economy and political environment 

  • Highly qualified employees and a very good geographical location in Central Europe 

  • A good infrastructure and high quality of life which attracts skilled workers and supports the business community 

The cooperation with the Austria Business Agency proved to be invaluable for Electra in Austria. ABA’s extensive network was particularly impressive. It enabled us to quickly find relevant partners and successfully establish business operations in Austria.

Sébastien Aldegué Country Manager Austria of Electra
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