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Microelectronics – research as the foundation for success

13. December 2023

The strong research sector comprises one of the cornerstones of the successful chip ecosystem in Austria. In addition to the private sector’s own in-house research facilities, this ecosystem consists of numerous specialized institutes at universities and universities of applied sciences as well as research centres operated jointly by government bodies and the business community. They all make considerable contributions towards positioning Austria and Europe as a high-tech business location. 

One outstanding example is Silicon Austria Labs (SAL). a centre of excellence for electronic based systems. It was founded in 2018 by a consortium consisting of the Austrian Federal Government, the federal states and industry. More than 300 employees in Graz, Villach and Linz work on leading edge solutions in the fields of environmental protection, health, energy, mobility and security. For this purpose, SAL brings together key players from industry and science and thus bundles valuable expertise and know-how, conducting cooperative, application-oriented research along the value chain. 

In October 2023, SAL opened Austria‘s largest research clean room, located in the Technology Park Villach, and thus set an important milestone for world class research in Austria. The new clean room spanning an area of 1,000 m² serves as more than just a sterile environment for the research and development of innovative technologies for the Micro Nano Fabrication Center of SAL. In line with its claim to be an interface between research development and series production, SAL makes its premises available to industrial partners which do not have their own clean room for the purpose of small batch production. 


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