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Why set up headquarters in Austria?

12. January 2024

There are countless reasons in favour of Austria as the location for international headquarters!

Here we present just a small selection:

Central location

Austria serves as an East-West bridgehead. International companies have direct access to more than 100 million consumers in the entire German-speaking region and also benefit from optimal access to CEE and SEE markets.

Lucrative market

Austria is the fifth richest EU member state with a market volume of more than 50 million people within a radius of just 400 kilometres.

Stability to the highest degree

Entrepreneurs in Austria benefit from political, economic and political security coupled with legal cer-tainty. There are good reasons why Vienna is an important location for international arbitration. More information on safe location with a high level of stability.

International, cosmopolitan, dynamic

Vienna is home to many international organisations. The English language skills of people in Austria are among the best in international comparison. International schools are sufficiently available. Moreo-ver, Vienna is the second-largest German-speaking city and is growing rapidly.

Top-notch infrastructure

Austria is a hub for flight and freight traffic. Furthermore, you can drink water directly from the tap.

Tax incentives with unbureaucratic processing

Group taxation and a dense network of double taxation agreements. More information on Tax benefits for international companies.

The highest quality of life and affordable prices

for housing, culture, healthcare, education and much more. Live and work where others spend their holiday.

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