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Octapharma is further expanding its Viennese facility and investing € 200 million

30. August 2023

In 1989, the first production plant of the family-run company Octapharma was put into operation in Vienna. Today the globally operating firm headquartered in Switzerland is the world’s largest independent plasma fractionator and a leader in the field of developing and manufacturing high-quality human proteins from human plasma and human cell lines. The facility in Vienna employing a staff of 1,400 people and bundling production, research and development plays a key role in this regard, and Octapharma is now strongly expanding this production site.    

Octapharma plans to invest € 200 million in its Viennese facility over the next five years.  An important piece of the puzzle is construction of a new so-called oat grain hall. This expansion drive is designed to considerably improve the global supply of essential plasma products to patients based on the family-run pharmaceutical company’s expecting increasing demand in the years to come.

“We are pleased to be able to further expand what has become the historic production plant in Vienna and create the possibility for further growth. In this way we can supply patients across the globe with our products more effectively and in greater volumes,” explains Barbara Rangetiner, Managing Director of Octapharma Austria. “Moreover, we are also providing an important boost to Austria as a pharmaceutical location to stimulate domestic production and globally improve the supply of pharmaceuticals.”

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