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Proofcheck: Error-free text using AI

The Vienna-based startup Proofcheck helps its users to create error-free contents. The concept: “Whether you are an author, publishing house, academic writer, or white paper creator, let our AI proofreading workflow platform catch embarrassing errors.”

Proofcheck was established in 2022 by Tara Wanda Merrigan and Alexandre Paris with the aim of making proofreading easier. Tara, whose professional background is in publishing, developed this tool as an App she would have loved to have at her disposal when her work focused on creating content. Alexandre is an expert for software development and data science, contributing his skills and time in order to develop this product.

Originally from the USA, Tara and Alexandre (and Proofcheck) live in Vienna, Austria today. Proofcheck has been supported by the Vienna Business Agency and Plug and Play.

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