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Viennese high-tech company onboard the NASA moon mission

The Austrian company TTTech is on board for NASA’s Artemis mission. The project is paving the way for human missions to Mars. The Viennese company TTTech is on board the avionics system with its products. The avionics system comprises the “central nervous system” of the space capsule.

Artemis I is the first uncrewed test flight of NASA’s Orion spacecraft launched atop the most powerful rocket in the world, namely the Space Launch System (SLS). Orion will orbit the moon once in order to collect important data for the next crewed flight. The objective of Artemis is to once again bring people to the mood and to enable further space research to reach Mars.

 “Artemis I is the first of three Artemis mission in which our products will be used, and which have confidence in Austrian technology and innovation,” states Christian Fidi, Senior Vice President Business Unit Aerospace. The products of TTTech Aerospace comprise the basis for building up the TTEthernet® network. This “central nervous system” of Orion connects a large number of independent sensors, computers and actuators with each other. They are responsible for various safety-critical functions such as flight control and life support systems as well as non-critical functions such as video communication.

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