Austria’s world market leaders in the ICT industry

  • AT&S is a globally positioned producer and technology leader on the market for high quality circuit boards.

  • austriamicrosystems ranks among the leading semiconductor developers in the world. Its microchips have now found their way into almost every area of life e.g. mobile phones, audio/video players, e-book readers, heart pacemakers, computer tomography and digital radiology.

  • BEKO is the leading Austrian supplier of comprehensive cross-industry systems solutions for industrial companies, the public sector, the telecommunications and financial sectors.

  • Bernecker & Rainer, specializing in process automation, develops control systems for industrial facilities which are used just as much by packaging companies such as Tetrapak as automotive firms such as Audi and BMW.

  • Kapsch TrafficCom is a global supplier of intelligent traffic systems. It has reference projects in 44 countries in its core business of electronic toll systems.

  • Runtastic, an Upper Austrian start-up, has been able to attract 110 million customers for its mobile phone App for joggers. The Springer Group acquired a stake in Runtastic in 2013

  • SkiData, part of the Swiss Kudelski Group since 2001, is the leading supplier of access control systems in the public sphere, and boasts some 10,000 customers, from ski lifts and sports stadiums to airports.

Further information about Austria's ICT sector:

Brochure: Information and Communication Technologies in Austria (PDF, 982 kB)