Mechanical engineering in Austria

The Austrian machinery and metalware industry is very successful, as demonstrated by 1,200 companies with over 118,000 employees.  

Accordingly, Austria ranks among the most specialized countries in Europe in the field of mechanical engineering along with Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Italy.

The machinery and metalware industry invests about EUR 1.4 billion each year in research and development. You can learn more on the topic of research and development in Austria here.

High-quality niche products

More than one-third of Austria’s entire industrial production is derived from machinery and plant construction as well as metal products. About 7,000 companies throughout Austria operate in the mechanical and plant engineering sectors, producing primarily for the global market. The main success factors in the industry are the concentration on high quality niche products, small series and single item production. Numerous firms are hidden champions, and several are even world market leaders.

Austria is also a global leader in terms of exports. 78% of its production in this sector is exported abroad. Exports rose 3.7% in 2015. Also refer to Die österreichische Maschinen-, Metallwaren- und Giessereiindustrie (Austrian Machinery, Metalware and Foundry Industrie).

For more information on the machinery sector in Austria refer to our brochure:

Brochure: Machinery-Mechatronics-Electronics in Austria (PDF, 1 MB)